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What is a Snug?

what is a snug?
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Snug as a bug in a rug. Let’s snuggle up. Comfortable, warm and cosy.

Probably what you think of when you hear the word snug. But what does it have to do with home decor?

What is a Snug or Snuggery?

A snug is a term often used to describe a small comfortable room in the home where one goes for peace and relaxation. In the UK it can also refer to a small private room in a pub where one goes for a quiet drink and chat with friends. The stereotypical description of a snug is a small room with comfortable chairs, books and a fireplace where one can sit and relax without distraction. A snuggery is the same but may be slightly larger, like a den or private office.

What is a snug in a house?

There is no ‘standard’ definition for what a snug in a house is but it’s generally a small room or area of a room that is too small for traditional use as a living area or bedroom.

In the U.S. it might be called a nook. Basically it is a small cosy area in the home. It is an intimate space ideally filled with soft cosy furnishings.

A teal themed snug with leather armchair and books. What is a snug?
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Image from Pinterest

This can be a space where the kids can watch TV and be in their own world while the adults are in the kitchen cooking and chatting. Then when the kids have gone to bed, the snug is a perfect place for mom and dad to escape to for a bit of peace and quiet.

It might be a small corner filled with books and a comfortable arm chair in front of a wood fireplace. A lush carpet or a beautiful rug to go beneath your feet is an absolute must.

Or it might be a small office space tucked into the corner of the kitchen.

Creating a snug

You want to create a calming and beautiful place to relax which you can do through your furnishings, wall decor and lighting.

The first thing you should do is figure out what space you have to work with and draw up a plan for your snug.

Take into consideration what the purpose of the space will be. Is this a space for the children, or adults? Is this a space to read or watch TV? Is this a cosy space where you could nap? Is it going to be a workspace?

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Image via Pinterest

Once you’ve figured this out you’ll be able to better plan your decorating and shopping for your snug.

You can make your snug cosy through the introduction of different textures, colors, and patterns.

Lighting is also a wonderful way to make your snug feel intimate and relaxing. You can use reading lamps, fairy lights, candles or even a chandelier.

Modern snug room ideas

A modern snug room might not necessarily be tiny in proportions but may in fact just be a small living room, office or den.

However a modern snug might incorporate technology like a television or even a gaming console or computer.

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Design by Inspired Interiors – Image via Pinterest

In this case you will want to design the space for comfort and practicality. Comfortable lounges or chairs so that several people can share the space and enjoy the entertainment on offer.

Snug office ideas

If you want to use your snug as an office area there are a few things you should consider first.

  1. The lighting. Natural lighting will help eliminate the need for bulky light fixtures
  2. Using functional furniture that is lightweight in appearance will help your space feel roomier.
  3. Flexibility. Can you use moving dividers to make a workspace more functional? Can you get chairs and tables that can collapse or be expanded depending on what you need? Can you use vertical space as storage, rather than spreading out? 
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Image via Pinterest

These days there is an abundance of clever small office ideas on offer. You can create snug offices under stairs, in corners, in closets, almost anywhere.

Kitchen Snug

A kitchen snug would also be known as a breakfast nook. A cosy little spot to eat breakfast or sit and drink your morning coffee or tea.

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Image via Pinterest

Garden Snug

A snug doesn’t need to limited to the indoors. You can always create a snug space on your front porch, a patio, hidden in your garden or in a small shed.

Portable garden snug from relaxshacks.com
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Image from Relaxshacks via Pinterest

All you need is somewhere to sit so you can enjoy the space.

In Conclusion you can snug up anywhere!

There really is no limit to where you can create a snug in your home or garden. Just find an intimate space that you can bring to life with some comfy furniture and accessories and claim it as your own!

You can even make up your own snug rules like “You may not enter my snug unless you bring coffee” or “Girls ONLY.”

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