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What is a She Shed? And Why You Need One

What is a she shed
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What is a she shed? Possibly every womans dream (ok not every woman, but certainly this woman!). A space in the house or garden that is entirely my own? Yes please!

What is a she shed?

A she shed is the feminine version of a man cave. It is a dedicated space in the home or backyard set aside just for the lady of the house. It can a place for relaxing, having some ‘alone time’ or enjoying personal hobbies. Most of all it is a retreat dedicated entirely to the owner of the space.

We’ve all heard of the ‘Man Cave’ the trendy term assigned to the special place in the house designed to have everything the man of the house desires. A space where he can relax, play and be entertained.

Over the years, it’s been widely accepted that men need a special space of their own to retreat to. It might be a den, or a basement, the garage or even a shed in the backyard.

However, the same rules apply to women!

The ladies of the house also need their own dedicated space in their homes for all same reasons men do and probably a few more. That is why the concept of the she shed has become extremely popular in recent years.

A white and blue garden she shed - what is a she shed?
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Why Every Woman Needs a She Shed

We all know life today is incredibly fast paced and stressful. Everyone needs a place to escape and have quiet time doing the things they love.

Many women not only work (both in and out of the home) and also look after their families and fur babies. There can be a never-ending stream of activities which can be mentally, emotionally and physically draining.

The stress that comes with life these days is a constant and it’s becoming more and more difficult for both women and men to find enough time to recharge their batteries.

At the end of the day the kids have their rooms and play rooms to retreat to, partners have their ‘man caves’ but where does the lady of the house go? Quite often she’s expected to share a space with others, whether it’s the kids or her partner.

The problem with that is the constant demand for attention from others in the space and usually an inability to truly make the space their own.

If this reminds you of your own life then the creating a space dedicated entirely to you, where you can go to recharge, relax and rejuvenate may be just the thing you need.

That’s where the She Shed comes in.

Why is it called a She Shed?

The term She Shed became all the buzz when State Farm Insurance released a commercial where Cheryl’s “She Shed” burnt down.

While She Shed is a popular term you don’t have to build and actual shed to have a space of your own.

She Shed is an Attitude

Obviously not everyone can build a dedicated building in their backyard and for that reason you could say She Shed is more of an attitude than a physical building.

Depending on your circumstances (and available space), your she shed can be created in a spare room, garage, basement, shed, closet or even a stolen corner in a larger room.

Speaking of attitudes not everyone loves the term she shed. There are dozens of names these spaces go by including:

  • Lady Lair
  • Woman Cave
  • Lady Cave
  • Bitch Barn
  • Zen Den
  • Princess Parlour
  • Girl Den/Cave
  • She Shack
  • Mom Cave
  • Snug/Snuggery

Just to name a few!

What Can I Use a She Shed For?

What you choose to do in your she shed is really entirely up to you! What makes you happy?

She shed interiors should be personal

Ask yourself the following questions about your she sheds main purpose:

  • What do you intend to use your she shed space for?
  • Will you have friends over or always use it alone?
  • Do you want a space for performing a specific type of activity?
  • Should your she shed be a relaxing tranquil space or a vibrant energy-driven environment?

The design of a she shed interior will always be dependent on the she shed idea or theme that you choose and on your own personal tastes.

Here are just a few ideas you can build your she shed theme around:

You can use your she shed for your hobbies

The advantages of indulging in a hobby are plentiful (see this study). This can be especially true if you have a lot of external family or work commitments.

The problem is that if you really want to pursue a hobby seriously (or at least in peace and quiet), a dedicated space is almost essential.

A piano, guitar, microphone and music stand for a she shed music room
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Create a Music She Shed

Creating a private space in your home or garden dedicated to a hobby is not a new idea. Sewing and craft rooms have been around for decades and were places where woman could gather and socialize without being disturbed.

These days there are hundreds of other hobbies to pursue. Whether it’s playing the guitar, watercolour painting, sewing, crafting, making sculptures, watching movies or doing jigsaws – a she shed can provide you with the ideal space to indulge in your favourite pastimes.

She Shed for Gardening

I know a novel idea. But gardening is good for the soul!

A garden she shed used for potting plants.
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A Garden She Shed – Potting Shed

Having a literal garden she shed where you can sit amongst your favorite plants and dirt is a very popular she shed theme. There are thousands of inspirational images on Pinterest to give you ideas on how you can deck out your garden she shed.

A she shed can give you the space to just be alone

Did you know that spending time alone can actually help improve your relationships?

Taking time for yourself can help alleviate feelings of resentment that can build up over what sometimes seem like excess household and relationship duties. It can help remove the feelings of being under appreciated that often arise from feeling overworked and undervalued (hello motherhood).

What is a she shed? A place for some alone time.
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By giving yourself time to recharge your batteries you may find that you have more energy and enthusiasm with your partner and families when they need it.

You can use your she shed to indulge your senses and sense of self

Women often feel that they have lost her own identify.

The constant juggle between work-related schedules, family needs, personal relationships and basic home duties can often make women feel like they have lost their own identity and been reduced to being ‘just’ a mother, a wife, a homemaker etc.

Time spent in a she shed space allows you to reconnect to yourself. It allows you to connect with who you are, what you love and why you love it.

Don’t tell me how to live my life

In your she shed, you are in charge of the décor. If you want wall to wall polka dots, then you don’t have to compromise with anyone else in the family.

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Similarly, if you want hot pink flooring, a wall of rock posters, or original vintage furnishings, you can.

This is a place where you can really express yourself, with the object of pleasing no one but yourself.

When space is short, often our treasured possessions can end up in boxes and cupboards, never to be seen.

Use your she shed space to display your favorite photographs, pictures, books, childhood teddy or family heirlooms, and appreciate what you love, often.

Scented candles, plump cushions, beautiful floral displays and relaxing sounds, maybe a coffee bar and a big screen TV are all aspects that will make your she shed a feast for your senses.

Escape from daily life, indulge in all things pleasurable and let you sacred space take you away from it all for an hour or two. Fill your space with things that are meaningful to you, and only you, and do activities that help you remember who and what it is you want to be.

A shed can be used for sharing too

A shed shed doesn’t have to be just for you. It can be a great place to invite people into as well. Maybe a space to gather your friends for a catch up or to join you in your hobbies.

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You can spend time with friends in your she shed too!

Your she shed can even double as a guest space if you are lucky enough to have room for a bed.

Let’s face it, as we get older going out clubbing or to parties with your friends every weekend isn’t as appealing or as easy. So a she shed offers the perfect way to gather with your close friends without leaving your home.

If you have kids it’s also a great place to get away from them and have a bit of privacy when you catch up with your friends.

She sheds can be dedicated to exercise

Maybe working out is your ‘thing’. You can design your she shed space all around your physical activities.

Rather than having to hit the local gym you can simply step into your she shed and exercise there. You can create a dance studio, yoga room, meditation room or even a typical home gym.

Most of all you want your she shed to be your personal retreat or sanctum

Your she shed should be your personal haven from normal life.

You should use your she shed to indulge in some activity which is mentally, emotionally and physically meaningful to you even if that just means sitting and doing nothing (Netflix anyone?).

In short your she shed should be fulfilling for you by creating a space that is yours and yours alone.

The whole point of creating a she shed is to have a space that is dedicated to YOU and it should therefore reflect YOU as a person.

Fill your she shed with items that you find beautiful and that help the space feel like it is totally yours and no-one else’s.

Make it feel separate from, or at least a unique part of the rest of your home.

How Much Does A She Shed Cost I Hear You Ask?

The costs of creating a she shed can range from approximately $500 – $20,000+.

The cost range is so varied because it depends on whether you are building a new shed, converting an existing shed or whether you are converting a room in your home.

The costs of buying a new shed or converting an existing one will also vary greatly depending on the shed size, whether the shed is already weather-proofed and protected against ground water and whether or not you require it to have access to utilities such as electricity.

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